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The 10 Minute Entrepreneur

Oct 29, 2020

Today we are talking to the founder at Laudable, Angela Ferrante! 

Once upon a time, I joined the founding team of Sparkfund as CMO (with little formal marketing training).

I helped grow the company from zero to $50MM+ revenue and 55 people. I learned a lot, made many mistakes, and decided that it was time to break the rigid b2b marketing archetype.

So I started Laudable to put authentic human voices (and faces) front and center.

Does this sound familiar 👉 You spend eons on a case study, print 1,000 copies for a trade show (pre-COVID, of course), give away three to folks who feign interest so they can snag some candy, then toss or "store" the remaining 997? Yeah, enough of that.

Laudable is out to kill the PDF case study, the trifold brochure, and other boring and company-centric content. We use video to tell engaging stories that connect to prospects' emotions, hopes, and worries.