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The 10 Minute Entrepreneur

Aug 31, 2021

A Pain POINT is any problem that your customer (TARGET CUSTOMER) may experience along their customer journey.

Your goal is to create the PERFECT customer experience.

Common but Critical Pain Points

  • Information- can they quickly find out critical information that they may need to buy (warrantees, free shipping and returns, chat support, etc.)
  • Contacting your company- vs. Amazon. Amazon still has the best phone customer service available and others make it impossible to speak with an actual person who can help-, Comast, etc., etc.
  • Buying made fast and simple- one-click, Paypal, 4 pay plans, memberships. etc.
  • Additional products and services that your customer may want and need (and not even realize they need) such as making suggested items they may like.
  • FREE RETURNS WITH A LABEL- make returns effortless not a project
  • Survey to see what more they want need or wish you would improve