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The 10 Minute Entrepreneur

Jun 30, 2022

@simonleslie21, CEO of @inkglobal, is an investor and mentor to business leaders who rebuilt his business after being devastated by the pandemic. His book, WHITE BELT THINKING, is about how energy, language, and mentors can impact your life. 

IG: simon_leslie21

Jun 27, 2022

This trial gave us a glimpse into what wealth IS and ISN'T. We’re talking about 10 Ways to Measure HEALTHY Wealth. You need at least seven of these! #health #wealth #relationships

Jun 24, 2022

@RodKhleif is a MASTER at goal-setting and family real-estate investor. He’s owned thousands of houses, several business, and even made AND lost $50M!

Go to for a goal-setting workshop, check out his podcast, and more!

Jun 20, 2022

Today we’re talking creating a #generationalbusiness. How can you build a legacy #business that someone in your family or a great employee will want to take over? 

Jun 17, 2022

@jar_roger is a Co-founder of JAR Audio, one the world’s largest podcast production companies. He discusses why many brands are choosing to create podcasts and his own experience building  

IG: rogernairn