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The 10 Minute Entrepreneur

Aug 31, 2021

A Pain POINT is any problem that your customer (TARGET CUSTOMER) may experience along their customer journey.

Your goal is to create the PERFECT customer experience.

Common but Critical Pain Points

  • Information- can they quickly find out critical information that they may need to buy (warrantees, free shipping and...

Aug 29, 2021

Sean shares his approach to the drudgery zone, disinterest zone, and distraction zone, and desire zone. Finally there is the development zone. This is inspired from Michael Hyatt's book, Free to Focus.

Aug 28, 2021

I hope you had an incredible week! Today we are talking about "Employee Review and Realignments!"

Aug 26, 2021

Jesse is the Founder & Publisher of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press. They help authors, creators & fans connect and conduct commerce in valuable new ways using NFTs and blockchain technology!

Aug 24, 2021

Salaries, vendors, contractors, real estate, partnerships, commissions, etc.

  • Before you negotiate
    • What is it you want?
    • What is it you would take/settle for?
    • What would you walk away from?
    • Who is the decision-maker?
    • Who are you competing with? Options/ Competitors
  • What are creative ways to give them what...