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The 10 Minute Entrepreneur

Sep 25, 2019

Sean continues to drill down on the the mindset of entrepreneurship.  To be a success entrepreneur you must develop focused thinking, more targeted. Critical thinking is necessary as well as collaborative thinking.

Sep 18, 2019

What's wrong with people today?  They simply don't think! Entrepreneurs need to learn how to think. Sean shares the 11 ways an entrepreneur should be thinking in this two part series.

Sep 11, 2019

Ideas are great but if you can't execute on them they are worthless. In this podcast Sean shares how execution works from the startup phase of a business and then through the evolution and moving forward. Sometimes you just have to get started.  Here are the tips for how to improve on execution.

Sep 4, 2019

"To me ideas are worth nothing unless executed" - Steve Jobs.  Sean continues to share these helpful books for entrepreneurs.  Successful people read. Period. Develop this habit and mine for gold in these books.